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Picture of an atractive young woman wearing an Invisalign brace


The Inman Aligner

When a patient only has mild crowding in the front teeth only on either the upper or lower teeth, an Inman aligner can be used to straighten the teeth. The appliance will push and pull the front teeth into alignment in approximately 16 weeks. Click here to see some Inman Aligner cases in the Gallery.

More information/pictures on the specific types of aligners can be seen at

It is important to point out that the Inman Aligner treatment can affect your speech quite dramatically and although the treatment time is relatively short, the aligner does need to be worn all day, including at work, and the temporary change in speech must be a consideration!

Also the aligners are only capable of tipping the teeth and aligning to a nice rounded biting edge but cannot alter root positions. Many patients will not notice this but it is important to point this out at the start. Any root movements would need fixed appliances.

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