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Picture of an atractive young woman wearing an Invisalign brace


Six Month Braces

Instead of the old metal braces, tooth coloured brackets are bonded to teeth and then gently the shape memory of the wire running through them will align and straighten your teeth into a wide, attractive position.

How can it be done in 6 months?

The majority of cases can be completed in around the six months. If conventional orthodontics normally takes from 12 to 24 months - how can it be done in such a short time? Six month braces is concerned with the teeth that make up your smile. We will not make signifigant changes to your bite and rarely will we need to remove teeth so this dramatically cuts down the distances we have to move teeth and hence the treatment time is reduced. If patients want to significantly improve their confidence and smile in a reasonable amount of time Six Month Braces could be the answer.

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Q: My teeth are crowded. If teeth are rarely removed, how can this be corrected?

A: Crowding is the most common reason patients attend for othodontic treatment. The secret to making space is based on Interproximal Reduction/Slenderisation of the teeth. This is a process where we carefully polish in between the teeth. If we do this between several teeth and where possible expand the arches, we find that most crowded teeth unravel excellently. Again, these small spaces are quick to close and reduce treatment time.

Q: Do Six Month Braces use high forces to move the teeth?

A: No. Actually Six Month Braces is a low force technique. Many people think we just “tighten” the braces to get the teeth moving. This would actually slow down tooth movement.

Are Six Month Braces more painful than regular braces?

A: No, Six Month Braces use low forces to move the teeth. It must be understood that all forms of orthodontic appliances will probably cause some form of discomfort as the teeth move.

Q: How much do Six Month Braces Cost?

A: Both arches costs €3800 with fixed and removeable retainers an extra €500 at the end. If paid up front you will save €200 off the price of the retainers. One arch costs €2800 with retainers €250 at the end.

Q: Do I need to wear braces on all my teeth?

A: Yes. The clear braces blend into your teeth making them nearly invisible.

Q: Do you ever extract teeth with the Six Month Braces?

A: Rarely, and only in very crowded cases will we need to extract.

Q: How often do I have to come in?

A: Usually every 4 weeks for a 30 to 60 minute appointment, and a little longer for the appointment when we put the braces on. Usually treatment is completed in 10 visits or less. Also, patients of this office are seen on time, so you will not be waiting long to be seated for your appointment.

Q: Do I have to wear a retainer?

A: Yes, as with any orthodontic procedure a retainer is necessary. Where the bite will allow it, we will attach fixed retainers. Retainers reduce the chances of relapse but we cannot guarantee it. We advise fixed retainers where possible and also removable Essix or Hawley retainers for 12 hours a day for the first six months post-treatment and then when you are sleeping for the next six months and then 2-3 days a week, forever. There are papers which show even after the faithfull wearing of retainers for 10 years, ceasing to wear retainers can still end in orthodontic relapse. This will not happen to every patient but why risk it? It is a big committment for patients to undertake this suggestion but essentially we are moving the patients teeth to a less natural, yet straighter, position so the permenancy of the retainers and their upkeep/maintenance is an important one.

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