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All orthodontic treatment will require retention to prevent relapse (defined as when teeth start to return to the original position before treatment). At Walkinstown Dental Care we advise and provide both fixed and removable retainers where possible. I always tell patients that any orthodontic movement of a tooth will have the potential to return towards the original crooked position. The factors that made them grow that way in the first place are still there - soft tissue(tongue,lips,cheeks), how the patient bites, the small fibres inbetween the individual teeth(gingival and periodontal factors) and although it may only be small there may be some late facial growth changes too. So the wearing of retainers( both fixed and removable) as directed, will at best help to prevent relapse but does not guarantee it. In reality most cases will stay looking very similar to the finished position with at worst a slight amount of settling. It is important that patients expectations include this fact and they will always walk away happy.

Removable Retainers

Fixed Retainers

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