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Lingual Braces - Six Months Braces

Invisible braces have always been the Holy Grail of orthodontics. Invisalign can be effective but has limited applications. Lingual braces are as close to the ideal brace for those conscious of the visibility of braces. Lingual braces are fixed to the INSIDE of your teeth to straighten without the Ugly Betty look! Walkinstown Dental Care are one of the first practices to introduce Six Month Lingual braces to their treatment options. The prices are the similar as the normal Six Month Braces but due to the extra lab costs and extra chair time due to being technically more challenging for the dentist, add 1000 per arch.Treatment times will be a little longer and although cases can be finished in six months or less, cases tend to take longer- normally 5-9 months treatment time.

Lingual Braces - What are they? What do they cost?

Lingual Braces - How well hidden are they?

Lingual Braces - What others won't tell you!

Lingual Braces - Natasha

Lingual Braces - John

Lingual Braces - Graham

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