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Picture of an atractive young woman wearing an Invisalign brace


Damon Braces

Damon Braces have arrived at Walkinstown Dental Care. Braces for all ages with the technology to reduce treatment time, almost always remove the need for extractions and do all this with gentle forces.

The Damon Braces offers a unique system that permits low forces to work in conjunction with the muscles of the face, tongue, bone and tissue. Low forces minimize discomfort and greatly increase cases that can be treated without extractions.

The Damon System is not just a new product, it's a whole new way of treating patients. Conventional treatment often requires removal of healthy teeth and/or the use of palatal expanders to make space. This approach is often uncomfortable, takes longer, and can leave a narrower arch and a flat profile. Damon smiles are full, natural 10-tooth smiles achieved with light biologically-sensible forces, and are specifically designed to improve the overall facial result of each patient.

Average treatment time is 18 months. Damon Clear is now available at Walkinstown Dental Care. The upper front teeth have clear brackets similar to Six Month Braces.

For more information and to see how Damon appliances can benefit you, look at

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